My name is Meagan Cummins. I am from a small town called Kommetjie in Cape Town, I have lived here all my life.

I went to one of the best girls schools in South Africa  (Wynberg Girls’ High School). In my final year of high school I was awarded a bursary. Unfortunately it was withdrawn at the last minute due to the institution having financial problems. I had no other choice but to take a GAP year. During this time I waitressed and helped my parents with their tourism business Seascape Tours. I got to meet some wonderful people from all around the world, that I am still friends with now.

The following year I knew I had been bitten by the tourism bug, I decided to do my NQF Level 4 Tourism Guiding Course. I did the course through the Livingstone Tourism Academy . This was a great experience I had the privilege of being taught by Wally Brandt, one of the best tour guides around.

In my spare time I am coach to two outdoor netball teams at Kommetjie Primary School. And if I’m not coaching netball I am playing Action Netball at Claremont and Montague Action Arenas. This year I was fortunate enough to make the Western Province Under 23 team. This was a great honour considering I had only been playing Action Netball for 1 year.

One day after netball coaching a mom of one of the girls I coach came up to me and suggested I apply for Emirates Airline. She had done it in her twenties and thought I was a perfect candidate. I thought the idea of it all was fantastic but I knew it was impossible. 6 Months later I decided to try my luck.  And after waiting a month and one day I received my GOLDEN CALL….

And now my life begins……

UPDATE – October 2014
I have graduated and recently completed my 1 year refresher and recurrent course. I have also started my studies again through UNISA (University of South Africa). Juggling the traveling and student lifestyle is a challenge but it is possible! At the moment I’m looking into converting my South African driving license and buying a car to get around Dubai with.

UPDATE – September 2016

I have signed my second 3 year contract with Emirates Airline. I have renewed my UAE visa also for another 3 years. And I am happy to say that next month I have my US visa interview which will allow me to visit all the American destination.

UPDATE – September 2018

I am now ENGAGED! Luke and I spent 10 days in Bali and on the flight he proposed. I now have my UAE drivers license and I have a car. It really makes such a difference to my life.

If you would like to follow my journey you can also find me on Instagram – meagan_cummins


20 thoughts on “About

  1. My name is mahalah, as well as being a crew myself I also design and hand paint shoe bags, laundry bags, tote bags and jute bags for all cabin crew around the world. Please check out my Facebook page and Instagram page for more details on Flutter My Designs..

  2. Hey there
    The journey to cabin crew looks amazing . I’m from Durbanville and will be attending the open day at Brackenfell high school as well next month! I’m really nervous as not the tallest girl . I can only reach approx 208cm and worries they will cut me immediately because of this. Did you see anybody on your day make it even though reach test wasn’t 100% reached ?

    I have honestly seen some short cabin crew on planes that are my height .

    Do you have any advice for me ?

    • Hi Danielle

      Thank you so much for your post!

      You must definitely go to the open day. How about when you stand on your tippy toes? On my open day I did see a few people not make it through because of their height, however I have noticed short girls that have made it through.

      I would without a doubt go to the open day!! You must let me know how it goes. And you if you have anymore questions you can email or Facebook me.


  3. Hi Meagan:)

    was wondering, i see you sent in your CV into Marinda Ferreira. I had emailed a lady at iCrew by the name of Nicolene to ask if it was necessary to send mine in. She said I dont have to. Sounds a bit strange to me. Do you have Marinda Ferreira’s email address?
    Maybe I should send my CV to her.

    Im not sure on the whole procedure. I assumed i could just go to the open day and give my CV in there?

    Have a great day.

    • Hey Danielle

      Thank you for your post. I not sure if you got my reply to your first post.

      I would have sent my CV into Icrew anyway. However, when you go to the Open Day you are supposed to have your CV in hard copy. That is probably why Nicolene said there is no need to send it in now.

      If you have any more questions you can send me a mail on meagancummins12@webmail.com

      Meagan x

      PS sorry for the late reply

  4. Hey there!

    You have a lovely blog here. Keep it up! 🙂

    I also am joining Emirates on the 4th April. Cannot wait!! I have started to write a blog and looking forward to share my experiences of my flights like you.


  5. Hi Meagan! There’s an opening day this weekend I’m attending and I can across your lovely blog. I had a few questions! Could I email you? Thank you.


      • Thank you! I’m going to attend an OD after the world up. I would like to know if you have some tips or advice to give me. At the assessment day what is the best answer to give for a customer that booked a room and it was not available? If you prefer to respond me by e-mail here it is: rine-hp@hotmail.co.jp I really need a shake, I’m not so sure if I will be successful, English is my second language. Thank you

  6. Hi there,

    your blog is so helpful thank you so much. I have a couple of questions, I have added you on facebook so that I can email you there. I cant seem to find your email address.

    Looks like you are having so much fun on this adventure of yours.

    Tanya x

  7. Hey Meagan. 🙂 You are such an inspiration.Beautiful story. I was recently invited to Emirates assessment day.Which is going to be soon.I’m so stressed out about it. I really just want to get recruited by Emirates but I don’t know what to expect.What is your best answer to give a customer that booked a room and is not available?And what did you say when the recruiter acted like the angry customer who didn’t want to understand there was no rooms available. Please help

  8. Hi Meagan!

    I’m from Virginia(a southern state in the US). I will be living in Sarab also. My DOJ is April 2. Your blog has been a great help in what to expect there at Emirates. Keep posting 😊

  9. Hie Meagan , l want to ask about the weight requirements for emirates. I also wear glasses. Will emirates take me as a flight attendant

  10. Hi Meagan! Your site is so helpful! I want to join EK too and will apply next month. Any tips and guidelines for me? I hope to join you soon and meet you in a flesh! 🙂 xoxo Sandy

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