Brighton ~ England

I must apologize for not posting in such a long time. Time really flies when you on the go all the time.

I recently had an amazing flight to London Gatwick. I had already been twice before but I normally go shopping at Primark and have lunch at the near by mall. But this layover I was determined to do it ALL!

I chatted with the crew on the flight and I managed to rally a few of them together. One hour after checking into the hotel we all hopped on the train and started the journey to Brighton. I was very excited as I have family that used to live in Brighton,and I finally had the chance to see places like the Brighton pier in person and not just on photographs. The train ride took about an hour but it was all so worth it! When we arrived at Brighton station I realized we were extremely lucky because the weather was absolutely PERFECT! Not a breath of wind and there was not a cloud in the sky!

We stopped at the closest pub which was literally on the beach front. It was amazing sitting outside watching the waves crashing on the brown pebble beach, not a sight one gets to see every day. We then made our way towards the famous Brighton Pier. One of the girls was adamant that she wanted to go on the rides at the end of the pier so that’s what we did.

After watching the sun set we started our journey back to Crawley. By this time we were all starving so one of the crew suggested a restaurant they’d been to before. So on the walk from the hotel to the restaurant I was stunned when I looked down one of the roads and I saw a FOX creeping around! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a full on residential area. I don’t know what it is but all over the world I end up seeing the most astounding animals in the weirdest places.

The restaurant we ended up at was a full on Jamaican themed  place. It was amazing half price cocktails, the food was so interesting so different to the things I would usually eat and the staff were insane. While we were having our dinner the two waitors were having a full on rubber band war across the restaurant. It ended up being our entertainment!

The next morning I woke up bright and early to get as much done as possible. I set off for the mall where I had Costa coffee with breakfast and then nipped into Primark <3. After a good few hours there I then popped into Boots another favourite of mine!!  By that time I had to run back to the hotel with all my shopping so I would be in time for the wake up call. I made it with a good few minutes to spare!

Truly an amazing layover in England definitely ranked up in my top 10 layovers. 🙂





Lebanese, Portuguese, South African, Serbian and Italian



Brighton Pier



The view walking down to the beach



Brighton Pebble Beach






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