First of all you must bring:
1 x black cardigan or jacket (training college)
1 x black pumps or tommy tekkies (training college)
2 x smart black pants (not skinny jeans or leggings)
5 x skin color stockings (the strong kind from WOOLWORTHS) – at least 5 pairs

I was under the impression not to bring clothes that are very revealing and not to bring any shorts or skirts. That’s not the case here in your apartment you can wear whatever you want. When you go out jolling (partying) you dress up. I think girls dress up a lot more here than they do in South Africa.

Another thing Dubai might be hot but the countries around the world you travel to are NOT! Since I’ve been flying I’ve been to NINETEEN different destinations and at least HALF of them had temperatures under 5 degrees! So being the winter coats and boots.

Toiletries no need to buy a lot as you can get all the products here for a similar price. There are shops called Spinneys and Carrefour that have lots of products from all around the world. Bringing all your toiletries from home will just weigh your suit case down. And compressing all your processions into suit cases weighing 50kgs is pretty challenging.

I would also recommend bring a fair amount of cash. I brought 1500 dirhams (which is like R4000) and I made it to the end of the month but I ate like a mouse.

PLUGS – Make sure you have an adapter for all your chargers, laptops and hair dryer. Especially the THREE pronged South African plug I can’t find them anywhere in Dubai

When I arrived I had no idea that you are not allowed to drink the water from the tap. So you have to buy bottled water all the time. This was a new experience for me as in Cape Town we have one of the best tasting water in the world.

Another thing I have noticed is that there are no animals roaming the streets in Dubai unlike in Kommetjie where they do. I miss this a lot; however there are some other fury friends that I have become fond of. The stray cats there are lots of them and a few of the crew and me feed them. Below is a photo of “ginger”.

COOKING – prepare yourself (ie buy a recipe book) because if you don’t know how to cook you won’t eat! Before I arrived I had made dinner a few times but I can honestly say I could barely boil an egg! I lived on 2 minute noodles during training college now I can’t stand the taste or sight of them! Since then I have become a master chef!!!!! I can now make all sorts of dishes pesto pastas, risottos, seafood paellas and many more amazing dishes I wouldn’t have dreamed of making. I’am now domesticated! My boyfriend Jeffrey is ecstatic about this fact!





3 thoughts on “NEED TO KNOWS – DUBAI

  1. Always lovely to read Meagan Im glad you came home to see your folks and Kommetjie truly a stunning place to grow up.Wow that plate of food looks really yummy well done.Im glad someone is feeding the cats I have noticed in other countries in the world people don’t really have the same attitude that us as South Africans do about the stray animals.I think it’s the way we a brought up.Anyway I will be flying to Java in September with Daniel to see David we are flying Singapore Airlines next time I will go with Emirates depending on where Dave is in the world.
    Stay safe xJo

    • Hi Jessica!

      The cats roam around the streets where I live. Unfortunately in my accommodation we are not allowed to have pets. I’ve heard in certain accommodations crew are allowed to have pets!

      Are you going through the process of joining?

      Meagan x

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