Dubai holiday with Jeffrey

The day had arrived no more Skyping, no more long text messages and extremely expensive telephone bills – Jeffrey had arrived in Dubai. I was so excited to see my boyfriend who I hadn’t seen for more than 2 months.

Eventually Jeffrey walked through the customs doors and our faces lit up as soon as we saw each other! The best way to describe how I felt at that moment, you know the first time you realize you really like or love someone you instantly get a smile on your face, your stomach is going wild with butterflies and you are so anxious you cant stop pacing or moving. It was that feeling!!!

When the long walk through all the people was over we were able to say hello… and get the awkward hug and kiss out the way (Nerves as if we had just started going out). After 5 minutes of being together it were as if nothing had changed, we weren’t living in different countries and we weren’t working through a long distance relationship. It was unreal to show Jeffrey the place I now called home, and to share this new stage of my life with him.

We had a whole array of activities lined up. We went out for dinner with my batch to Nomad at the famous Irish Village. We went clubbing to Rock Bottom with other batch mates. And No Dubai holiday is complete without a Desert Safari, visiting the world renowned Burj Khalifa and the singing fountains at Dubai Mall. The beach day was amazing mid WINTER and we were sun tanning and swimming. The one night we visited Global Village with my flat mate Alice, it’s an interesting place to go if you want to visit the world in one location. We also went Go Karting on Christmas day… I must say out of all these events I would say that Jeffrey enjoyed the Go Karting the most. As boys will be boys he was so good at the Go karting I was shocked! Shopping was also an interesting experience on weekends (Friday and Saturday) the malls are crazy busy and its hard to walk at a constant speed. I can shop with no one other than Jeffrey, he is the only one able to keep up with me and my high speed shopping sprees.

And after an amazing 21 days you know the saying time flies when you having fun…. Well the time went in a blink of an eye.

Saying goodbye was so much harder than I thought it would be. You would think that you get better at saying goodbyes, but its not true.

Happy Anniversary Jeffrey x







10 thoughts on “Dubai holiday with Jeffrey

  1. Hi Meags

    You made me cry I hope you an Jeffrey stay together forever.Quality time rather then quantity makes sense when you are so far away from each other.You make such a lovely couple.
    x Jo

  2. Hey 🙂 I am moving to Dubai on the 28th of April and will be working for Emirates. I have heard it is not allowed to have a male friend over unless you are married and I was wondering how did you manage having your boyfriend over for the holidays? 🙂 I am trying to figure out how I will be able to see my fiancee and have him stay over once he comes visit 🙂

    • Hi Agnes

      That’s great congratulations.

      Yes, it is not allowed for a male who is not a Father, brother or cousin to stay with you in your accommodation. But no where does it say your partner can’t come visit and stay in a hotel. That is what Jeffrey did and some crew even put their parents up in hotels, as we get discounts. I must say it does end up being quite expensive but it is what one has to do for family and loved ones.

      If you’d like to know a bit more you can email me or send me a facebook message. I hope this helped.


  3. Hey, lovely and interesting blog and pictures! please may I have your email address…I just got my GC today and my flight to dubai is 6th june im so excited , I just wanted to ask a few questions about emirates if thats ok with youxx

  4. Very interesting blogs and your pictures are amazing. Dubai celebrates thousands events and festivals each year that map the modern lifestyle of the city. The desert safari was one of the most exciting tours we had during our visit to Dubai.

  5. Hey. I love your blog. I will also be joining emirates on the 19 September. I also have a boyfriend so I’m a bit worried about that, but you seem to be fine so that gives me hope. I am thinking about what I need to pack for Dubai. I know it’s 50 kg but not sure how many cases one is allowed to bring. I think it’s a great idea to have a blog on this subject. It’s like a sort of diary too that will help you remember things in the future. I also have a blog on WordPress about fashion. Hopefully see you soon on a flight 🙂

    • Hi Jazzy

      Thank you so much for your post. And congratulations on joining the EK family! I will admit it is extremely hard having a long distance relationship but if you are both 100% committed to being together it is possible!

      I hope you managed to get all your worldly possessions into the 50kg weight limit. I know I found it tough!!! Let me know if you need anything now that you are in Dubai!


      • Hi Meagan.

        Yes I am in Dubai now. Living in sarab. It is so far from everything it seems. Can’t wait to get this induction week over with so much waiting around. I haven’t even seen anything in Dubai yet except for emirates headquarters haha

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