Seoul – South Korea

We arrived in Seoul late in the evening. The crew and I decided we should all go out for the Korea style barbecue. So we all met down in the lobby 30 minutes after arriving. We walked for about 5 minutes to a restaurant just behind the Hotel. It was very Korean the waitrons hardly spoke any English we had to make out what we were ordering by the pictures on the menu. When the food arrived it was raw meat on a plate, you actually had to braai the food on the fireplace in the middle of the table. This style of cuisine is almost like a fondue or racklet.

After dinner we all walked back to the hotel for a well deserved rest. One thing I have noticed since I’ve started flying is that my sleeping patterns are totally absurd. I can only sleep a maximum of 5 hours at a time! Even after a flight that’s been 10 hours long. And if we arrive at the hotel in the dead of night….. I wont be able to sleep for a few hours.

The next morning I woke up bright and early to go shopping. I was told that the shopping in Korea is similar prices to China but the quality is better. After taking a brisk walk to the shopping area I was completely soaked as there was light rainfall. The concierge failed to tell me how far the shops were from the hotel. When I finally got there all the shops were closed still, so I went for a cappuccino at a quaint little coffee shop.

While walking to the under ground shopping area called Gangnam Station I walked past a Gangnam Style stage. Later that day I spoke to a crew who is from Seoul and she said that the song is actually making fun of the people/area of Seoul as it is quite an upmarket area. I find out new things on every trip! The shopping was fun. In Korea the ladies have a very different style of fashion. Most of the young girls wear high heels with long leggings and short skirts and a puffy jacket or a rain coat.  After a few hours of shopping I managed to find a really nice coat. The only problem with the clothes in Korea is that all the sizes are really small. I ended up paying around R900.00 for the coat and I only realized after I got back to the hotel. To make myself feel better I told myself that its a good quality coat and its from Seoul, SOUTH KOREA…..

Before going back to the hotel I ran into one of the other crew Kristine she is from the Philippines and strangely enough she was on my previous flight to Sydney Auckland! Flying with someone more than once is a rare occasion. So we walked back to the hotel and had a nice long rest before the flight back to Dubai.


The street to Gangnam Station


Walking back to the Hotel


Gangnam Stage


Gangnam Station underground market


Kristine and I

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