Sydney Auckland Sydney

One of my favorite destinations! Sydney reminds me so much of home it’s crazy. The flight to Sydney was extremely long, my longest flight yet. Luckily we were given the privilege of crew rest, which is when we change into our PJ’s and have a few hours in the CRC (crew rest compartment).

When we arrived in Sydney I was collecting my suit case when another crew accidentally took my cabin bag with my passport in. A rather stressful time for me as the crew left the airport and went to the bus not knowing she had my bag. Luckily the staff at the airport were very kind to walk me to the bus and the check my passport and papers. (Note never lose sight of your cabin bag) all the bags look the same!

Once we reached the hotel a few girls and I decided to go for lunch at a cafe around the corner from the hotel. After lunch we were all so exhausted from the flight we had to go rest! The jet lag really hits you on the long haul. The good thing about this round trip is that we spend two days in Sydney, so one can afford to rest the first day.

The next morning we went off to Auckland all refreshed for the 2 to 3 hour flight. Once in Auckland everyone was keen and excited to go sight seeing. A few of the girls and I decided to go shopping down the Main Street in the town which is not far from the hotel! On the Main Street I saw a Typo and Jayjays which made it feel even more like home. We made our way to the Harbor and took photos like true tourists. Oh and I absolutely love the hotel it’s old fashion vintage furnishing with pink details. Another thing about this hotel is that there are 2 other emirates flight that also over night at this hotel, so it feels like it’s a university res because about 70% of the hotel is crew! Another thing to rave about is the dinner buffet = AMAZING! The crew all book a table and we all have dinner together. The buffet has endless amounts of seafood, Chinese food, sushi, salads, non-glucose, a chocolate fountain and much more.

After a good nights rest on the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept on, I met a friend from my batch at the pool. I was amazed yet again with the hotel , it has an out door heated swimming pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, a sauna, steam room and a cascading ice chips for the herbal spa treatment! Ekaterina and I enjoyed the spa and then we went down for the breakfast buffet – excellent!

I skyped my parents just to give them an update on how much I loved Auckland as it’s so much like home!! Ekaterina and I then went to see the harbour again and walked down the shopping street. We also went to see the Auckland Harbor Bridge!!!! And then we managed to fit in a quick rest before we traveled back to Sydney.

The flight was nice and short we arrived in the late evening so I decided to rest and then go sight seeing in the morning. I woke up and went straight down to the harbour and I saw the famous Sydney Opera house! I then grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and walked around the harbour watching the street performers and take lots of photos, a very relaxed afternoon.

The flight back to Dubai was long and tiring but the crew were amazing! When we landed it was rather sad having to say goodbye to these people I had spent almost a week with.

A few photos from the trip..



The girls and Me in Auckland




The girls and I


South African and Romania


Auckland Harbor


Auckland Main Street ❤


Auckland Swimming Pool


Ekatarina and I


Me with Auckland Bridge in the background


Sydney Opera House


Opera House upclose


Beautiful Sydney

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