Zurich Switzerland

The flight to Zurich was a piece of cake. We arrived in the late afternoon which was perfect. One of my closest batch mates was on the flight with me so we decided to go for a quick rest and then go out for dinner.

Two hours later we met down at reception. Rene my friend and I had heard that when in Zurich you have to have the cheese fondue! We caught the metro from the airport to the city or old city as they call it. Once there we were lucky as it was still light and we managed to take a few photos of all the buildings.

All around the city there are beautiful little cobble streets everywhere you look. We walked down the main shopping streets and then headed for the famous Adlers Cheese Restaurant. You can smell smell cheese from 100m away. We were told that’s how we’d find the place! I was a bit hesitate as I wasn’t sure if I could withstand the stench! But once you inside the smell becomes quite pleasant after you get used to it….

Rene and I both had the cheese fondue and a glass of red wine. It was delicious! I was very surprised that the red wine was amazing! (Note I always compare everything to South Africa)

After dinner we decided to take a slow walk through the city back to the metro station. The city is full of families, tourists and people walking their dogs despite the freezing temperatures! On my travels I have decided to collect a magnet from each destination. I know this is very cliche however, they are the easiest to find and the collection looks very nice once it starts to grow! Renee and I failed to find a magnet up to my standards. But I managed to buy a magnet from the hotel souvenir store.

Finally we arrived back at the hotel and went to rest until breakfast the next morning. After breakfast we had enough time to get ready and pack for the trip back to Dubai!



Rene and I


Cheese fondue


The Old City



Shopping street

One thought on “Zurich Switzerland

  1. Hi meagan! Im planning to attebd open day in cape town on 27 sept. Wanted to ask- for the roleplay , (if something has gone wrinh in hotel booking how do you fix the problem) what is a correct answer?

    And how do you comfort someone ? Should your answer be by being sympathetic and understanding or what??

    Im so nervous

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