London Town

I was so excited to have London as my first flight of the new year! It was a really good flight not too long and not too short… On the flight I met a couple from South Africa. It’s always nice meeting people from back home you have something in common to speak about.

When we arrived in London Heathrow it was pouring with rain! Rather depressing actually because my two batch mates Natalija, Sanja and I had plans to go sight seeing in the city. We decided to relax this evening have dinner in the hotel and then go out sight seeing early the next morning so that’s what we did. However as we didnt do anything the afternoon we arrived we only had about 2 hours to do all our sight seeing! Luckily enough LHR (London Heathrow) flights are very common.

Waking up early was really tough when it’s so cold and I’ve become accustom to the warmer Dubai weather! We started the day off with the amazing buffet breakfast and then we darted off for the hotel shuttle bus. We caught the underground from Hatton Station to Hammersmith then crossed lines and got off at Westminster. It was just over a on e hour journey. We walked up the stairs on the the street walk and looked up. Big Ben was standing right there! I was shocked he was much bigger in my imagination however still amazing! We were all in auor of this iconic building! We were like right tourist… Cameras were out and many selfies taken! Walking 100m down the road we came across the London Eye! Magnificent, nothing like the replica in Cape Town.

We then took a brisk walk passed the Westminster Abbey and along the Silver Jubilee Walkway until we ended up at Buckingham Palace. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe it, I had seen all these famous places on TV and then for me to be standing in front of the gates to the Palace! After taking as many photos as possible we made our way to the underground… Once we arrived at Hatton Station we accidentally hopped on the wrong bus, and ended up walking back to the station. Eventually arriving back to the hotel we had a few hours rest before the flight back to Dubai.

I would definitely say that London is one of my TOP destinations!




Sanja, Me and Natalija


Red Photo Booth


Big Ben


Natalija, The Bobby and Me


The London Eye


Buckingham Palace



4 thoughts on “London Town

  1. Absolutely super. Love the London pics. Brings back some memories of my holiday there. I wish to go back there some time in the near future, it really is a stunning place.

  2. Hello i’m Sheryl from Mauritius. Your blog helps me a lot and each i read it, make me wanna go to emirates like right now! I don’t know if you can help me,i want to join the emirates cabin crew but i don’t know when there will be the next open day here in Mauritius, do you think you can get this information for me please? I thank you in advance. P.S I really like your eyes 🙂

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