Munich Germany

18 December 2013

After one week of induction and six weeks training my Supy Flight finally arrived! It was an amazing flight the crew were all so friendly and I was lucky enough to have Lisa a girl from China (she was in my twin batch) also on the flight. We arrived mid afternoon and traveled for about 30min to our hotel!

Once we had all checked in we made an arrangement to meet in the lobby so we could go to the Christmas Market. There were 7 of us in total. It was about 5 degrees celsius in Munich so when we set off for the train we had to be very warmly dressed. There were two girls who had been there before and thank goodness for that, the names of the different station and lines we had to catch got confusing! We caught the train from Arabella Park station.

I was amazed when we walked up the steps from the train station and ended up on this beautiful cobble stone road with these old buildings all around! It was like a scene from a movie! They were selling Christmas trees in the court yard and there were a few stalls selling Gluwein (gluwein is red wine heated up with citrus and spices). The further we walked the more and more stalls appeared, there were so many different things on sale – Christmas decorations, hand crafted ornaments, sugar coated almonds and many traditional food stalls.

I bought a few souvenirs like a Munich fridge magnet and a gift for Jeffrey (my boyfriend). I thought there was no way I could go home without trying a famous German sausage hot dog. It was delicious it could definitely compete with South African boere wors. I also bought almond nuts that were covered in cinnamon – SO TASTY!

After it got dark and rather chilly we all decided to head back to the hotel. On our way back we stopped at a local supermarket to get a few groceries. The hotel is one of the best hotels so I’m told! In the morning I went down for the buffet breakfast, it was heaven! One thing I really loved about Munich is that there are always dogs walking around the streets with their owners. I miss my animals from home so much!

Here are a few photos from the trip! x


Lisa and I



Munich Christmas Market


Me in the cute little cobble street



Christmas tree sale

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