Arriving in Dubai

It was around a 9.5 hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai! The flight was great I loved the food, the couple I sat next to and the onboard entertainment. Taking this step was one of the bravest things I have and will ever do in my life! I had to not only leave my mom, dad, brother, friends and animals, but I also left the most amazing boyfriend/best friend/partner any girl could ever ask for!

I arrived at Dubai International Airport at around 6AM on Thursday morning. I was glad that by the time I got there the sun was already rising. I met the Marhaba staff and I was shown to baggage collection and went through customs. I also met a lady from the HR Department and she gave me all the necessary information and a UAE SIM card. I was then transported by the company chauffeur service to my accommodation.

On the way I was speaking to the driver and he had no idea where “Sarab” was! Thankfully after a 30 minute drive around, we came to my building! I walked into the reception area and was told that I was at the right place! I was over joyed!

I made my way up to my apartment. I have a lovely big bedroom with a view of the swimming pool! I love it. Unfortunately there was no sign of my other two room mates anywhere. I spent the first day unpacking, making my room homely and on a search for internet access! Luckily there is free wifi in the lobby of my building and I was able to contact my boyfriend and family to let them know I had arrived safely! As I had been traveling for over 14 hours and they had not heard a word from me.

The first day was the toughest! Fortunately I met up with a girl from South Africa. Maryke, gave me some advice and reassured me it would all be alright! I came across Maryke’s blog in May 2013 and I read all about the Emirates life style and that’s when I decided I’d like to apply. And now 6 months down the line I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Dubai writing a blog about how I got here! It’s crazy, I’m still shocked!

Things the past month have been really hectic! I have had a maximum of 5 hours sleep each night. Training is exciting and fun…. However very stressful at times! Training blog to follow! Below are a few photos of the day I left and the day I arrived!





3 thoughts on “Arriving in Dubai

  1. Hello there!

    First of all, what an amazing blog!! I love your blog!!

    I have recently on the 26th I had my final interview for Emirates Airlines and I haven’t got anything back…

    Honestly I am losing hope because they required me to send my passport (which was not valid) in the 3rd April and my status also changed for “Interview Completed” at that time in their website.

    Some of my friends which I met in the Open day and Final Interview have been already selected to leave in June and I didn’t get anything yet….

    I have been reading a lot of comments and histories from people who have been in the same position and it is different for everyone…

    What an stressful situation…! :/

    Hopefully I will get called soon, because the 6 weeks are already coming to an end…

    Have a great day and I wish you all the best! Keep writing in your amazing blog!

  2. Hi just reading your blog! It’s been an inspiring one. To be honest the one thing stopping me is leaving my boyfriend behind! How long did you see yours? Or rather how often? And when can you take annual leave? After 6 months only? Please tell me how you manage to the 2? Xx

    • Hi there

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Well Jeffrey and I have been going out for over 2 years now and I’ve been here for 1 year and 2 months. So there is hope!

      I go home atleast once a month on the Cape Town flight, so that helps! Jeff has visited me in Dubai twice and I only go home on leave compared to other crew who sometimes go on holiday.

      It is possible if you committed to each other.I hope this has helped a little bit.


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