Spotted Gully Shark Fishing – Betty’s Bay

Last night my boyfriend decided to take me shore angling with him and one of his friends. He has told me so many stories of how sharks are the best type of “fish” to catch. We have gone fishing before but never for sharks!!! We usually target Galjoen.

I had a feeling that the fishing was going to be good!! We set off on the 1 and half hour drive to Betty’s Bay. As we arrived on the beach Ray my boyfriend’s friend had just landed a medium sized Spotted Gully Shark! I was ecstatic!! The shark was beautiful, covered in spots. I got to touch her skin, it was so smooth brushing the one way and the other way it was rough like sandpaper.

After seeing that we were guaranteed to catch! We raced back to the car and got all the equipment. 10 minutes after casting our first bait we were on. However, in all of the excitement my boyfriend failed to mention how to fight it properly, so it got away! Not to worry though because soon after, we heard Jeffrey’s reel screaming from down the beach. He caught a 1,60 meter Spotted Gully Shark, it was a female and she was pregnant!

As Jeffrey landed his shark my reel started screaming! I ran down the beach and got to my rod and started reeling it in! It took me awhile but I managed! My hands and arms were paining but my adrenaline was pumping. The scariest part of the whole experience is when Jeffrey runs into the water going waist deep to grab the shark by its tail. Jeffrey pulled the Spotted Gully Shark up on to the beach that’s when we quickly took the hook out of her mouth, took the photo as proof and we tagged her.

I was so chuffed with my catch. But after reeling the shark in I was exhausted so I decided to watch Jeffrey catch another shark! What a great fishing trip…


My Spotted Gully Shark

My Spotted Gully Shark

Jeffrey's Spotted Gully Shark

Jeffrey’s Spotted Gully Shark

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