Emirates – Assessment Day

30 June 2013

The Assessment Day was at The Protea President Hotel in Sea Point. I arrived early as I didn’t know what to expect. As I walked in I was given a sticker with my name and reference number on it. All the applicants then entered the conference room. There was a powerpoint presentation about Dubai that we watched and then both the recruiters spoke to us for a bit. There were 82 men and women there that day and we were divided into three groups.. I ended up being in the third group. My reference number was 57.

I waited for about two and half hours while the two first groups went. The worst part about the whole experience was the waiting! After group one had come out it was shocking to see how many applicants had been eliminated. Eventually it was my turn to go in….

Round 1

Once we entered the conference room we sat on chairs in a circle. We were then passed a card with an image on it. The task was what other uses could we find for these objects by thinking out the box. We had to work in groups of 3 and 2. My groups object was “candy“. While the groups were brainstorming we were individually called up to the recruiter and asked a few questions about our CV’s, I was also asked to take off my shoes and do the reach test (which is 212cm). I was also asked “How do I comfort someoneand “In a work situation if something has gone wrong how did I solve the problem“. Once everyone had had their turn we had to stand up and give one idea per person. I said “candy” could be used to make an abacus to make learning fun for kids. The two other ladies in my group said they could use candy for bribing children and jewellery. Once everyone had their turn we were asked to leave and wait outside for 5 minutes.

After 10 minutes had passed we all called inside and one of the recruiters spoke to us saying “Well done for getting this far, I am sorry but this is a selection process and ……” Then she stood at the door and called out our reference number and as we walked out the door we were handed our sheet of paper. It was folded so that all you could see was your reference number. I had heard from other girls that the congratulations is on the second line on the page. As soon as I walked through those doors I took 5 steps because there were a crowd of people outside the door and if it were bad news I could just walk straight out the door. As I opened the letter and saw “CONGRATULATIONS” on the second line I was so happy! One of the best feelings!

Round 2

The next round we were asked to write an English exam. We were given 70 minutes to complete a comprehension, grammar, spelling and write an essay on “A challenge at work that we think will help us in our work as a Cabin Crew Member and in a group situation.” At this stage there were about 25 of us left. Once you had finished you could leave the room. We then were asked to wait outside the room until they had marks the papers. Around 20 minutes later we were asked to enter the room again. We were told that we had all passed the English exam and we are through to the next round.

Round 3

The final round was the most challenging. We all sat in a circle and then we were told what the task was. We had to do a role play and act as if we were a head desk clerk for one of the biggest hotel chains and the computer booking system had failed. There were 8 customers who had booked and paid for their rooms, however there were only 2 rooms available! In a group we had to go through the different scenario’s  and discuss who we thought deserved the room, who didn’t and why. While doing this the recruiters circled us making notes as we spoke. I remember reading a blog before I went to the Assessment Day saying you cant be too confident and you cant be reserved. They watch your every move, how you communicate and how you include others.

Once the group discussion was over we split into two group. There were 8 in my group one guy and seven ladies. The recruiter started by asking the girl on the far end of my group ( I was so happy that I didn’t have to go first). The recruiter acted as the angry customer who had just been told there was no room a waiting her. After 3 applicants had had their turn when the recruiter suddenly jumped straight to me and asked me to have a go. I gave my best and she then said I was sort of correct. During the conversation I made sure I kept eye contact at all times. (Very important) A few minutes later we were all asked to leave and return after 10 minutes. Now things were getting serious we were about to find out if we had made it through to the Emirates Final Interview. Finally we were all asked to enter the room. As the procedure goes we were told “Well done for getting this far, I am sorry but this is a selection process and ……” Individually we were called to the exit and handed our fate. My number was called!! I took my sheet of paper and walked on. I honestly thought I had not said enough to make it through. However, I opened my sheet of paper AND ….. It said “CONGRATULATIONS…… “ I was speechless!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!!

I turned around and I looked at my friend Lauren who I had met along the journey and I saw her face tense up and her eyes gloss over. That is when I realized she hadn’t made it through. I gave her a huge hug, said you’ve made it this far you have to try again and you will make it next time!!

At the end we were congratulated and told “Well done now you’ve made it 70% of the way.” We were then asked to fill in a few forms (Language and tattoo declaration). We then scheduled our Final Interviews which we had the option of doing it the following day (Monday) or Tuesday. I scheduled my interview for the next day at 11h00.

The day started with 82 people and it ended with 12. I cant believe I was one of those lucky individuals!!! x


My first piece of paper telling me I made it through the first round.


Emirates Assessment Day

11 thoughts on “Emirates – Assessment Day

  1. Thanks for good tips and share your experience. I enjoy to read your blog and give me valuable information. I am waiting for my open day and hope to meet you one day in dubai. Wish you have great time

    • Hi Miran

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoy what I have to say.

      Where are you from? I hope your Open Day goes really well. Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to help with.

      Meagan x

  2. Hey meagan!
    I’m reading all sorts of information about emirates and how to get in.
    I’m glad I found you and your amazing speech. I have a few question though if you don’t mind me asking xd
    How did you come up with the idea of using candy in abacus? That was mind blowing! I’m afraid of going blank all the time and not be able to be as a creative person as you. What do you recommend I should do?
    Do you know if the other two ladies passed with their answers?
    Also, how did you answered the two questions you were asked: “How do I comfort someone” and “In a work situation if something has gone wrong how did I solve the problem“? Since you passed through this phase I consider that what you said was correct and they liked. I’m only looking for some sort of guidance.
    Oh and on the round 3, can you also explain what you did that was right?
    It would be a huge help!! ( :
    I have some answers formulated but I’m not sure if they meet with their standards, ence why I’m asking all of this.
    Well, thank you for your time reading my too long replay xd

    Hope you you’re having fun,


  3. Hi Megan.

    Thank you so much for writing this blog, I read every blog you wrote and I was close to tears.. This is the first blog of a south african working as a cabin crew for emirates which I have found on the Internet and best thing is you are so detailed.. Once again thank you. It is so comforting as I applied online and I received an invite to the assessment day. Please elaborate more about the reach test… what is it are you for at the 212cm mark? As I am a bit worried I might not be able to reach since I am fairly short at 152cm… I would appreciate feed back. Thank you.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post so much, it was very informative and thorough. I’m very curious to know your what was your answer to the role play? Regards.

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