Emirates – Open Day

22nd June 2013

My Emirates adventure all started when I sent my CV into Melinda Ferreira….

The following day I received an email inviting me to the Emirates Open Day. I was so excited because the open day was only 3 days away. I was expecting to only attend the September open day as the candidates had already been short listed.

I was asked to bring my updated CV and two photographs (One full length and one Head & Shoulders). The dress code was business attire, so that day I went shopping and bought a nice blazer and a pair of smart black pants.

Early Saturday morning I woke up and started to get ready, doing my hair and making sure my make was impeccably done. My parents drove me through to the open day we got lost on the way as it was all the way in Brackenfell. Which is a good hour drive from Kommetjie. On the way we got lost looking for Brackenfell High School. But we managed to ask for directions and got there 45 minutes early.

We parked right in front of the school hall entrance. I got rather nervous when I saw all the well dressed men and women walking in through the gates. That is when my dad stepped in and gave me the ” inspiration father” speech.

Eventually it was time to go in and start the presentation. One of the first things Melinda said was that the Emirates Recruiters watch to see if you are social and get along with others. As I came alone I began to panic as I didn’t really know anyone. Not long after I started a conversation with the two guys next to me. 🙂

The Presentation 

  • Your appearance for the Assessment Day
  • How to act when in a group situation
  • How to act with customers – confidence
  • What the minimum requirements are to go through to the Assessment Day

Basic Requirements for application to be cabin crew

  • Older than 21years of age
  • Completed a high school certificate or equivalent
  • Able to reach a height of 212cm (without shoes)
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Passionate about working with people in a multi-cultural service environment
  • Willing to relocate

After the presentation we were asked to staple our photos to our CV’s and then line up to do the reach test and just have a short conversation with the Icrew recruiter.

Then it was my turn… I walked up handed my CV and photos in. Then the lady asked me to do the reach test which is 212cm with your shoes off (Ladies) men can keep their shoes on. My reach was a full hand above the line. I was asked if I have any scars, tattoos or visible birthmarks. I don’t so she said thanks you very much that will be all.

We were told that we would get a SMS text message at 5pm on Monday afternoon. And if we hadn’t received one we mustn’t think there is something wrong with our phone, because there isn’t. At 4:55pm I was almost in tears. BUT at 4:58pm I received a SMS text message from Melinda say CONGRATULATIONS….. You have been invited to the Assessment Day on the 30th June 2013.

I was ecstatic!!!! Then I had to start preparing for The Assessment Day.


13 thoughts on “Emirates – Open Day

  1. Hi Meagan

    Love your blog.

    I received an invitation to attend an open day next month, do I reply to this email informing them that I will attend or can I just go on the day?

    Thank you

    • Hi Roelien

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      If I remember correctly I didn’t reply. But it can’t hurt replying saying thank you and you will be attending.

      Good luck for the Open Day, where are you from? And please if you have anymore questions just let me know!


  2. Hi Meagan I really enjoy ur blog I just recently applied 2 emirates it had been a life long dream of mine I was over weight last year I made the decision I want this badly and I made a conscious decision 2 lose the weight I was 91 I am now 67 and 177cms tall. My concernis that I still may not make it cause even though my height n my weight are now healthy I am still built like an African woman I have hips that aren’t massive but are still there I’ve been told I look like a bottle (so frustrating) I want to know if this would count against me? And if emirates generally employs black girls? I got an invite for Saturday the 8th of feb I’m so scared even tho I have a ton of experience in hospitality

  3. Hi Karabo!

    Thank you so much for the post, I’m so glad you enjoy reading what I’ve got to say! That is amazing that you’ve lost so much weight! What an achievement!

    What I can say from experience is that Emirates do check your BMI. And if you are in the normal heathy zone you should be fine. I would suggest wearing clothes that flatter your figure. There are most definitely African women here that are full figured. And you mustn’t let anyone try and change your mind about going for your dream. If you have a great personality and you have the best experience behind you, you shouldn’t have a problem!

    If you need anymore advice it might be easier to email or Facebook me.

    The best of luck for your Open Day TOMORROW, let me know how it goes!


  4. Hi Meagan

    I received an invitation for the icrew open day. I was wondering if you have any tips/ dos and don’ts for the open day as well as the assessment day?

    Thank you

  5. Hi Meagan

    love your blog, its actually calming my nerves a little

    I received an invite yesterday. Any advice you would like to share?


  6. Hey Meagan,

    If I want to attend an Open Day, do I still need to apply first? The emirates website says you only need to apply if you want to attend an assessment day cause there an invitation required.
    Also, do you think it is best to just wear a black skirt with a white blouse and a blazer to the open day or is it ok to wear a navy blue dress?

    Thank you so much xxx

    • Hi Doro
      From what I’ve heard one should apply online first and that is how you start the whole process. Unfortunately, things have changed a bit since I applied almost 2 and half years ago. With my experience of the Open Day they are not that strict with your attire. I know I wore black pants a striped jacket. If I were you I would just go with the standard black skirt and white blouse. One cant go wrong with that 🙂

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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