Mossel Bay – Trip 2012

At the end of last year myself and a few friends decided we all deserved a holiday. So we packed our bags and set off on a long drive to Mossel Bay. We went to Mossel Bay because my boyfriend, Jeffrey has a holiday house up there.

The holiday house is situated in a private estate along a river called the Klein Brak. There were plenty of things to do there everyday! The first day we had a tennis tournament between all the friends. We played soccer and after an intense game of soccer we went for a swim in the pool.

Another day we ventured out into the town. We all had lunch at a up market restaurant at the Point. Afterwards we took a walk down to the waters edge. We discovered an amazing swimming spot that was sheltered by huge rocks. The water was so clear it was incredible. Every now and then when the sets came through there would be a flow of cold water! We spent hours in the water.

After the 3 days we spent trying to catch fish in the river. We decided to try our hand at Bass fishing. There were quite a few dams and rivers in the area. And on my first attempt I caught a baby Bass! Bass fishing is far more exciting than marine fishing. Marine fishing you cast and wait for the fish to come after your bait, its all about patience. Bass fishing you are continuously doing something, cast reel in and then repeating it.

Another day a few of us went paint balling. It was very interesting, my game plan was to get the best hiding spot wait while everyone wasted their paintballs and then I would shoot them. My game plan worked really well until all of the friends ambushed me! Being shot is really painful and the bruises last a few days.

On our way home we had to stop off at a biltong factory shop. No holiday would would be complete without a good stock of BILTONG… And I hope we can all make the time to go back up to Mossel Bay again this year…

Natural sea pool - Dec 2012

Natural sea pool – Dec 2012

Bass fishing - Dec 2012

Bass fishing – Dec 2012

Paintballing - Dec 2012

Paintballing – Dec 2012

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