Deep sea fishing – Cape Point

My boyfriend and I were invited to go deep sea fishing with a friend of ours. Our friend Farnie and Bronwyn own a boat that is moored at Simons Town harbour.

It was an early morning we had to be out on the water by 6am as the conditions were good. The wind usually picks up in the afternoon, therefore the sooner we go out the longer the time we have to catch fish. I rarely get sea sick but both Jeffrey (Boyfriend) and I decided to take seasick tablets just incase the swell picks up.

We went straight for the point. Once we pass the point the swell is very up and down, as the waves wrap around the peninsula. Further out the swell is a lot calmer, we then go straight to Rocky Bank. This is where you often find the ‘commercials’ (The commercial fisherman that have permits to catch hundreds of fish). At Rocky Bank Farnie and Jeffrey put of the big trawling rods and rod at a moderate speed.

When all a sudden I just heard a buzzing sound! The fish was on the line….. We had to reel up all the rods so they wouldn’t get in the way of the fish on the line. Jeffrey reeled the fish in a few times and then handed the rod to me. Its all so exciting when you hear the line and the fish is just pulling! It took me about 5 minutes to finally reel this fish in so Jeffrey could gaff it (A gaff is a stick with a hook on the end to pull the fish onto the boat easily). Eventually I got the Yellow Tail out of the water. I was very chuffed with my catch as it was the biggest Yellow Tail of the day.

The next couple of fish that were caught on spinners, these are smaller rods. We ended the day on catching 8 Yellow Tail. We also hooked a Shyshark that I held. They are called Shysharks as they try cover their eyes with their tail when you catch them.

I would recommended deep sea fishing to people who love excitement, because when those fish take the bait and the reels start whistling your adrenaline truly starts pumping!

Big Yellow Tail - Oct 2012

Big Yellow Tail – Oct 2012

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